Items for subject "infant/newborn care"


This document describes the delivery preparations to be followed by the patient, the procedures for the nurse (upon arrival during labor), and the sterile technique for assisting the physician duri


A document describing the care a nurse would provide when assisting a physician with a home delivery.


Recipe & instructions for feeding baby provided by the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago.


This document provides a table of the year to year infant and maternal mortality in Mississippi between 1930 and 1937. It includes total mortality as well as mortality by race.


This document includes Mississippi Public Health Nursing reports including vaccination programs, nursing visits, and communicable disease outbreaks and monitoring.


This Chicago Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary eight page document describes instruction topics and demonstrations regarding prenatal, delivery and postpartum, and infant care, including dietary rec


This is a (2 page) report from the Sunflower County Health Department's activities for January 1940.


This document is a report from Sunflower County Health Department including statistical material from March, 1940.