Brief overview of the life and work of Caroline Benoist, Mississippi Public Health Nurse.


This chart is a guide for the nurses in noting child progress. These are 'guiding instructions', similar to standing orders used today, and used to standardize nursing care.


Pamphlet of the Chicago Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary that includes instructions to the mother on prenatal care, symptoms of labor or problems to report to physician, supplies that need to be pr


Metropolitan Life Insurance Company pamplet on the precautions surrounding the care of patients with communicable or contagious diseases.


Description of activities related to the poliomyelitis clinic in Jackson, Mississippi.
Elise Smith, RN 1937.


Control of Communicable Diseases: Report of a Committee of the American Public Health Association, 1935.


This letter, presumably sent to physicians in Gibson County, Tennessee, describes the onset of nursing services at delivery for residents of the county beginning October 21, 1937.


This short paper, delivered at the APHA meeting in Kansas City, describes the elements of public health nursing from the perspective of the Executive Health Officer of the Mississippi State Board o


This document describes the delivery preparations to be followed by the patient, the procedures for the nurse (upon arrival during labor), and the sterile technique for assisting the physician duri


A 1924 Hygiea article highlighting the etiology and methods of prevention related to diphtheria.


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