Postnatal instuctions are provided that detail the care of mother, some exercises, warning signs and precautions. There is a visit date left blank at the bottom of the page.


This describes the detail of prenatal home visits, including physical exam, urine, fetal heart and assessment of fetal movement. Also included is a pattern for the premature box with diagrams.


Two pages including hand written sheet on preparation for delivery, and a typewritten document, Preparation for Delivery, with a handwritten direction to give to patient around the 7th month.


Personal notes written by a nurse from the health department proposing benefits of a School Health Committee to teachers and members of PTA.


The Mississippi State Board of Health 1935  Rules and Regulations Governing Communicable Diseases, signed and sealed in 1936 by Felix J. Underwood, MD.


Pamphlet issued by the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago which outlines instructions on the care of children (sleep, feeding, hygiene) from age two to age six. No date provided.


Report of Nashville Schools population, sanitation, building, and supplies. From General Office, Hume-Fogg High School. No date noted.


Article in HYGEIA that explains the importance of teaching first graders about health as well as the necessity of keeping this education simple.


This document describes the procedures for medical social workers with regard to dispensary patients. Patients are divided into 6 service needs: 1. unmarried mothers, 2.


This typed document describes standing orders for post-partum care of mothers and includes what to do for constipation, fever, nipple care, jaundice, perineorraphy (episiotomy), discharging eyes an


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