Items for subject "Chicago Lying In Hospital"


Pamphlet of the Chicago Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary that includes instructions to the mother on prenatal care, symptoms of labor or problems to report to physician, supplies that need to be pr




This report describes the work of the Chicago Maternity Center, a collaborative city effort under the direction of Joseph DeLee, MD.


This Chicago Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary eight page document describes instruction topics and demonstrations regarding prenatal, delivery and postpartum, and infant care, including dietary rec


This document describes the procedures for medical social workers with regard to dispensary patients. Patients are divided into 6 service needs: 1. unmarried mothers, 2.


This typed document describes standing orders for post-partum care of mothers and includes what to do for constipation, fever, nipple care, jaundice, perineorraphy (episiotomy), discharging eyes an


This fundraising booklet briefly describes, with photographs, statistics of the hospital and the distribution of the 4000 deliveries conducted there annually.