Items for subject "nursing education"


This chart is a guide for the nurses in noting child progress. These are 'guiding instructions', similar to standing orders used today, and used to standardize nursing care.


This short paper, delivered at the APHA meeting in Kansas City, describes the elements of public health nursing from the perspective of the Executive Health Officer of the Mississippi State Board o


A 1924 Hygiea article highlighting the etiology and methods of prevention related to diphtheria.


This report describes the work of the Chicago Maternity Center, a collaborative city effort under the direction of Joseph DeLee, MD.


A 1941 Public Health Nurse training guide originating from the Lauderdale County Health Department in Meridian, Mississippi.


A six page summary on syphilis in Mississippi in 1937. At the end of the document is states that it was presented/read by Dr. D. V.


Three typewritten pages pertaining to the nursing care of patients with communicable diseases.


An eight page guide/pamphlet published on June 1, 1935 by A. I. C. P., 105 East 22nd St. New York, N. Y.